Natural Charms and their Traditional Uses

Adam and Eve Root
Powerful for love. Woman carries Adam Root and Man carries Eve Root to keep the couple happy and true.

Wrap a Buckeye in a dollar bill, anoint with King Midas oil and carry near money for constant increase.

Beth Root
Carry in charm bag to send Evil spells back - removes hexes.

Black Cat Bone
Carry for good fortune - protection and financial success.

Cat Claws and Whiskers
Put in a White Bag and place in a car to protect from accidents, thieves, mechanical problems and tickets..

Cat Claws or Snake Head Root
Protects from slander, arguements, and harrassment from enemies.

Cats Eyes
Breaks any spells and protects against Evil of all kinds, carry in a White bag.

Camphor Cubes
For prophetic dreams mix with Prophetic Dreams incense and burn before bedtime. Also excellent for cleaning ugly vibes out of homes, burn on charcoal and carry through home.

Fairy Wands
Dedicated to Titania, Queen of the Faries, brings aid from The Little People and grants wishes.

Four Leaf Clover
Carry in your wallet for extreme good luck and increase in money.

Galangal (chewing John)
For success and favor in court.

Healing Hearts
Carry and rub with healing oil for heart and health problems.

High John the Conqueror Root
An essential for any charm bag. Carry for love, gambling luck, good health, and money.

Jezebel Root
Powerful money herb as well as a powerful cursing herb.

Job's Tears
3 included. Carry 3 to find a good job. 7 in a charm bag for good luck.

Lucky Horseshoes
Hang over a doorway to bring Good Luck and Happiness.

Lotus Root
Carry to keep thoughts pleasant and clear, attracts powerful spirits to give strength and help in all endeavors.

Mandrake Root
Carry to draw Love, increase Virility, stop all Evil.

Money Pods
Carry and money quickly flows to you.

Nutmeg with Mercury
These nutmegs are filled with mercury to attract fast luck.

Orris Root
Carry to attract a lover.

Rose of Jerico
For health, joy and wealth.

Sand Dollars
Protects finances from being stolen, lost, or frittered away.

Sharks Teeth
Adds potency to any charm bag for money

Snake Skins
Carry in a yellow bag and anoint with Snake Oil for gambling luck.

Spurge Seeds
Carry 8 in a White Bag or hand over doorway to purges evil spirits, ghosts and poltergists from home or person, very strong.

Star Anise
A favorite good luck charm kept in home or carried in lucky bag.

Swallow's Heart
Very potent love charm.

To torment someone who has wronged you.

Gives great occult power to anyone who owns one.

Witches Burr
Adds great power to any spell or ritual.

To Enchant a Ring for Marrying

Buy or pick a ring you have, it may be metal but the color gold. Make sure it fits your wedding finger well.
Drop it in a vessel. You can improvise if you don't' have one. The vessel should be filled with red wine and half with water.
Add one oak leaf, on of willow
One leaf of bay and two of grass

Add the name of the one you love, written on a silver piece of paper.

Keep the vessel/jar covered tight, near a window, in the sun, from the crescent moon until the full moon.
Then rub the ring and wear it hidden, on a string around your neck.Never tell the name of the person you seek to marry you, until you get what you want.

Holly Driving Charm

To make a charm to protect you as you drive, place the following items in a small box:
three holly leaves,
one clove of garlic,
one sprig of cedar,
one piece
of clear quartz,
piece of dragon's blood resin.

Hold the box shut, and imagine you are
driving your car. Envision yourself working in a clear, keen, and observant state. You make decisions as necessary when you are behind the wheel; you react with split-second timing, and you generally find joy in your role as a safe driver.

Put the box in the glove compartment of your car and follow through by always driving in a safe and responsible manner.

Blessing Pens

In the phase of a new moon, stand where it shine directly onto you, keep with you a bowl of consecrated water
some crushed rose petals
a pinch of salt
any protection incense,
your pen of choice

Sprinkle all the things you have gathered into the water, and say times three:
'Ink so black as the night blessed be times three
said times three with moon light blessed be.
serve me right serve only me
through good and bad so mote it be!

If using a red or blue pen, just change 'black' to whatever it may be, and change 'night' to whatever may be fitting.

Herb Closet or Drawer Squares
Place handfuls of each of dried lavender flowers, rosemary,
tablespoon each crushed cloves and small pieces of dried lemon peel together.
Sew small cotton
squares about four by four inches; leaving a space open. Stuff with herb mixture. Tie several together and wrap in tissue paper tied with raffia. Attach a note explaining that these will protect clothes from insects and can be placed in drawers, closets or boxes.

To Attract an Item To You
Draw a picture or a symbol of the item on a leaf with the end of a burnt stick, a matchstick seems to work. Tie the leaf around a tree with a vine, then walk around the base of tree nine times, repeating:
Ancient One of the Ancient Earth
Older than time can tell
Grant me the power at your command
To work my magick spell.
The leaf may stay up or it may not, it doesn't matter, the item is on its way to you!

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